Synthetic dreadlocks - PEACH TREE / 12 pieces single ended

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  • Quantity: 15 pieces
  • Type: single ended (with loops)
  • Length: about 60 cm (120 cm whole)
  • Delivery time: ready to ship
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130,00 zł

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Dreadlocks make an ideal solution for those who can't allow themselves to have dreadlocks permanently but they would like to change something in their appearance. Dreadlocks can be installed anytime and taken off without damaging the natural hair.

All of our dreadlocks are hand-made by experienced dreadmakers and it makes them look close to natural dreadlocks.

The synthetic dreadlocks can be installed on a whole head by means of braid weave, or used to extend the natural dreadlocks, thicken sparse natural dreadlocks, as well as used as a wig or simply as a headband for your natural dreadlocks.


The dreadlocks need to be washed by hand in warm water with shampoo. It is not recommended to wash your dreadlocks in washing machine. It may significantly cause inferiority and shorten their lasting effect.


It is recommended to carry the synthetic dreadlocks for about 3 months. It is possible to carry them longer but it may cause elf-locks, turning into dreads due to not combing out the roots of dreadlocks


The price is an expression of hard work, needed to create really strong and beautiful dreadlocks.

Each piece is precisely crocheted several times. Well-made dreadlocks need a lot of hard work.


The synthetic dreadlocks are light. Even if they are long they aren't too heavy for your scalp and your hair roots, in contrast to natural dreadlocks (especially when they are wet). 

In comparison to mass-produced dreadlocks the synthetic ones are crocheted and even more long-lasting. The crocheted dreadlocks are less likely to unbraid and they have a long-lasting, original, natural look while wearing them. There is no need to largely make them up. There are light and feel very nice.