1. Orders placed in the online store at , hereinafter referred to as SHOP, including the trading platform for wholesalers, are fulfilled by the company DREAD-SHOP.PL Alicja Wojcik, with a registred office at: Wojska Polskiego-Street 67/3 in Kolno, using the VAT number: 7211068872
  2. The Party making a purchase hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMER, can only be an adult natural person or a legal person.



  1. The transaction subject is the sale of goods in the offer presented on the website .
  2. All prices are quoted in US dollars, Euro and Polish zloty and include VAT. The price given for each commodity is binding for the CUSTOMER at the time of order. DREAD-SHOP.PL reserves the right to change prices of goods in the offer, introduce new products into the SHOP?s offer, carry out and cancel promotions or make any changes.
  3. All manufacturers? and product names presented on the website of the SHOP belong to their respective owners and are used in the SHOP for identification purposes.



  1. Order placement is tantamount to an acceptance of these regulations and consent to the use of your personal data for the purpose of the order fulfillment.
  2. Placing an order by the CUSTOMER is tantamount to an authorization given to the SHOP to issue a receipt or an invoice without the signature of the CUSTOMER.
  3. Each order will be fulfilled if the product is in stock. In case of unavailability of the ordered products, the SHOP shall contact the CUSTOMER who shall decide on how to fulfill the order (partial fulfillment, lengthened pending time, cancelation of the whole order).
  4. The order can be fulfilled only if the CUSTOMER has provided their address data, e-mail address and phone number. Processing of your order may sometimes require the SHOP to conduct an additional telephone confirmation of the order.
  5. The ordered goods with the status of ?Available offhand? will be dispatched within 2 working days of their receipt from the supplier. Due to circumstances beyond the SHOP?s control (ie. running out of stocks) the dispatch time may take longer. The CUSTOMER will be notified of all delays.
  6. If different items with varying fulfillment time have been ordered at the same time, the order shall be shipped at the respective latest scheduled dispatch date.
  7. The order will be fulfilled:
    • 1) in case of payment by bank transfer or by PayPal ? immediately upon receipt of your payment on the SHOP?s bank account,
    • 2) in case of orders payable on delivery (COD shipment) - after order confirmation sent by e-mail or confirmed by phone.
  8. During the receipt of the goods the CUSTOMER is required to check the consignment for damage caused during transport. You can file a complaint if a ?Protocol of damage? has been written down in the presence of an employee of the shipping company.
  9. Orders with incorrectly filled in address data (e-mail does not exist, or no phone) will not be processed.
  10. The SHOP reserves the right to suspend the dubious orders.



We accept following payment methods:

  1. Direct bank transfer for:
    DREAD-SHOP.PL Alicja Wójcik, ul. Wojska Polskiego 67/3, 18-500 Kolno
    Bank name: ING Bank Śląski
    Account number for PLN: 11 1050 1823 1000 0091 2433 2918 
    Account number for EUR and USD
    : 11 1050 1823 1000 0091 2433 3940
  2. Secure online payment via PayPal.



  1. Ordered goods will be delivered by Poczta Polska ore Courier Company.
  2. If the courier does not find the CUSTOMER home, they should leave a notification card.



  1. All CUSTOMERS have right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. Returns require the CUSTOMER to notify the SHOP. Returned goods cannot bear traces of use, and must be in the original packaging with a receipt of purchase attached. The item with its receipt of purchase will be returned by CUSTOMER at their own expense, to the address of the SHOP. Money for the returned item will be transferred immediately to the account specified by the CUSTOMER. The costs incurred by the SHOP (shipping costs or sometimes COD handling charge) will be deducted from the refunded sum.
  2. CUSTOM PRODUCTS are not subject to exchange.
  3. If in case of a SHOP?s unintentional mistake the CUSTOMER should receive the goods other than ordered, SHOP will cover the costs of return shipment and will re-send the correct goods to the CUSTOMER.
  4. SHOP does not accept COD product returns.
  5. In case of complaints of the ordered goods, it is necessary for the CUSTOMER to return the ordered items together with a receipt of purchase to the address of the SHOP. The costs for return shipping should be covered by the CUSTOMER.
  6. Complaints relating to mechanical damage caused during transport will be reviewed and processed only if the consignment has been checked for damage at the time of its reception. You can file a complaint if a ?Protocol of damage? has been written down in the presence of an employee of the shipping company. The original version of the ?Protocol of damage? has to be sent to the address of the SHOP.
  7. In case of damage and writing down of a ?Protocol of damage?, please contact the office of DREAD-SHOP.PL via e-mail . Defective item, after meeting the above procedures will be exchanged for a full-value product or, in case this is not possible, payment will be refunded. The defective product has to be returned together with a receipt of its purchase.
  8. Differences arising from the individual settings of the CUSTOMER?s computer (color, proportions, etc.) cannot be used as a basis for complaints of purchased item.



  1. Sales are made in the Internet (online shopping) in form of a distance selling contract between the CUSTOMER and the SHOP.
  2. In matters not settled in the above provisions, the regulations of the Civil Code apply.